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Who can get legal support from Your Story?

We give free, independent legal advice to:

  • people with disability
  • their families
  • carers
  • supporters and
  • advocates.

People with disability (including people engaging on behalf of people with disability) will have priority.

We do not help organisations (e.g. disability service providers, non-government organisations and residential facilities).

How can I get legal support?

Call us on 1800 77 1800 (free call) Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (AEST) or contact us online.

We will listen to you, and explain how you can tell your story to the Royal Commission.

If you need legal advice, we'll take your details and arrange for you to talk to a lawyer to get legal advice

We will also be able to make referrals to counselling and other support services.

Why would I contact Your Story for legal support?

Not everyone will need legal advice to engage with the Royal Commission. Some reasons you might want to contact us for legal support include:

  • You want to use the name of an organisation or person in your story.
  • You have a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that stops you sharing some, or all, of your story.
  • You are concerned about payback if you share your story.
  • You are worried that you or someone else will be unsafe, lose access to services or employment, or your rights will be affected.
  • Your story talks about current or past court matters.
  • Your story talks about something you did, that you should not have done or think may be illegal.
  • You are registered to speak at a Royal Commission community forum.
  • You want support to get ready for a private session with the Royal Commission.

Getting legal advice

The lawyer will talk to you about your legal rights and your options to engage with the Royal Commission. This may include by:

We can only give legal advice about individual matters.

We can't help organisations (e.g. advocacy groups, non-government organisations and residential facilities).

We can't help people appearing on behalf of an organisation.

We will set aside time to speak with you about your situation and give you the legal advice you need. If you need more time after this, we will make another appointment with you.

Preparing your submission

We can't prepare your submission for you. Disability advocates may be able to help you to write or record your submission. If there is a complicated legal issue we may review your draft submission

You can also look at our resource “Ideas for preparing your submission guide” found under our Factsheets tab for ideas to start planning and preparing your submission.

Preparing for a private session

Your story can support you to prepare for private sessions and attend them with you if you want.

Need extra help?

Read about the counselling and other support services available if you need them.